Spring 2023 Performances!

ALL MY LITTLE WORDS: A Performance Lecture on Art and Failure

Created and Performed by Ashley Hollingshead

I’m afraid of being an artist who doesn’t make art

In 2004 Ashley met Nate while they were both undergrads at Western Washington University. They became best friends and life long artistic collaborators…or that was the plan anyways. 

In ALL MY LITTLE WORDS Ashley Hollingshead uses Nate’s unfinished graduate playwriting thesis as a jumping off point to explore the concepts of artistic failure, practice, and success. All the while examining their changing relationship with their collaborator and with their own artistic practice in this interactive performance/lecture/essay.


4/7 @ 7:30pm Old Main Theater Bellingham, Wa – Free & Open to the public!

4/8 @ 7:30pm New Prospect Theatre Bellingham, Wa Tickets here

5/6-5/7 @ 7:30pm Headwaters Theatre, Portland, Or – With Devon Granmo’s Untitled Human Composting Play

Features new material! But no one on this coast has seen it yet, so this is mostly just exciting to me!


  1. I’ve completed my studies and now I have an MFA in (European) Devised Performance Practice
  2. It’s summer.
  3. I’ve been selected to attend the SWARM residency this summer! Looking forward to spending a few days in the Iowa countryside working on projects I’ve been putting on the back burner for far too long.
  4. It’s summer.
  5. I’ll be directing a staged reading of EARWORM by Shualee Cook for the Campfire Theatre in Boise this September.  Super excited about their mission and to be making work in the American West.
  6. It’s summer.
  7. There’s a new solo show in the works…
  8. and lastly: unnamed.jpg(The Baltic Sea in Gdańsk, Poland. A much needed solo trip post graduation)

Pestilence WOW! @ Rhino Fest!

Pestilence WOW! (1).png

By Savannah Reich
Directed by Ashley Hollingshead

* Prop Thtr * Part of Rhino Fest * Thursdays at 9pm * January 22-February 21 *

Tickets: $15 in advance or PWYW at the door

A wonderland of restored meaning in a world gone mad!

Truth and Beauty!
You’ll laugh!
You’ll cry!
You’ll be so glad you came it will all be worth it you’ll see wow incredible oh my god!
1348, Avignon, France: a third of the population has been wiped out by the Bubonic Plague. The other two thirds is extremely freaked out. Part reality television, part psychedelic fever dream, this is a play about humans and the way we deal with real, actual tragedy: totally inadequately, and like assholes.

Gabrielle Wilson
Richard Schiraldi
Michael Lee Bridges
Gwen De Veer
Michael Nguyen
Brook Celest

I promise you that somehow, god knows how, it will help…


Part of Rhino Fest — check out for the rest of this year’s offerings!




fb event size2.png


saturday, june 25 – 8pm
sunday, june 26 – 8pm
$10-15 sliding scale
Cash at the door. No Reservations.


will be the first full length performance by CURRENT BIOGRAPHY

Using our relationship to exploit the inherently meta nature of a performance duo, GETTING TO KNOW YOU will be both a commentary on the radical nature of platonic male-female friendships as well as an exploration of building our own relationship as friends and collaborators. We will juxtapose our friendship against iconic friendships found in literature, pop-culture, and throughout history. Even if it takes some digging to find cross-sex friendships that spout something other than When Harry Met Sally maxims.


late spring/early summer 2016



ISO six female performers for an ensemble created piece about women entering the workforce in WWII. And about Destiny’s Child’s Independent Women. And about the intersection of those two things.  
This (currently) untitled piece will be directed by Ashley Hollingshead.  Ashley is a Portland based director, designer, and collaborator.  Her most recent projects have included TOMORROW! (Action/Adventure), SOMETHING EPIC/EVERYDAY (Working Theatre Collective & Action/Adventure), and The Peter Pan Project (the Working Theatre Collective).  
Some devising experience is helpful, but not necessary.  A willingness to collaborate, play around, and to try new things are what I’m looking for.  This piece will undoubtedly incorporate a variety of performance styles and techniques.  
This piece will be performed in March of 2014.  Rehearsals will begin in fall/winter of 2013.  There will be a stipend. 
A group workshop style audition will be taking place in the evening of Monday, August 5th.  
If you’re interested in auditioning (or for more information), please send me an email ( with your resume and why this project appeals to you.