Spring 2023 Performances!

ALL MY LITTLE WORDS: A Performance Lecture on Art and Failure

Created and Performed by Ashley Hollingshead

I’m afraid of being an artist who doesn’t make art

In 2004 Ashley met Nate while they were both undergrads at Western Washington University. They became best friends and life long artistic collaborators…or that was the plan anyways. 

In ALL MY LITTLE WORDS Ashley Hollingshead uses Nate’s unfinished graduate playwriting thesis as a jumping off point to explore the concepts of artistic failure, practice, and success. All the while examining their changing relationship with their collaborator and with their own artistic practice in this interactive performance/lecture/essay.


4/7 @ 7:30pm Old Main Theater Bellingham, Wa – Free & Open to the public!

4/8 @ 7:30pm New Prospect Theatre Bellingham, Wa Tickets here

5/6-5/7 @ 7:30pm Headwaters Theatre, Portland, Or – With Devon Granmo’s Untitled Human Composting Play

Features new material! But no one on this coast has seen it yet, so this is mostly just exciting to me!

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