Tomorrow will be wonderful.
That is unless, it is indescribably terrible,
or unless indeed there just isn’t any.
—-Joseph Wood Krutch

TOMORROW! will be the third in a series of devised theatrical works exploring what it means to be alive and young at this point in history. Within the scope of the works we have focused on where we´ve come from (the peter pan project, 2011), where we currently are (SOMETHING EPIC/EVERYDAY, 2012), and now will shift our gaze to where we are headed with TOMORROW!. The first in the series, the peter pan project, focused on the concepts of growing up and imagination. SOMETHING EPIC/EVERYDAY explored how to manifest your own destiny in a nation in which the unifying dream is officially dead. TOMORROW! builds upon the themes and concepts of SOMETHING EPIC/EVERYDAY and the peter pan project.  TOMORROW! will capitalize on a generation’s shared nostalgia for our parents´ and grandparents´ generations in order to awaken people to the realities of our current situation. What can we learn from our grandparents and what should we have learned from our parents?

Researched, created, and performed by Tara Coen, Noah Dunham, Noelle Eaton, and Devon Wade Granmo; with direction by Ashley Hollingshead.

Designs by Summer Olsson, Matthew Hopkins, Vanessa Jessen, Devon Wade Granmo, Noah Dunham, and Kyle Acheson.  Stage Management by Echo Brooks.

produced with the support of Action/Adventure and a generous grant from Regional Arts & Culture Council

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April 2013


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