check out this interview i did with the mercury about feminism, theatre, and how the world is gonna end


 “It’s a tempest in a black-box…”

“With a wink of human-deprecating humor, a wisp of wistfulness, and a rumble of beat-poet rebellion, “Tomorrow!” proves a balanced composition with an engaging variety of emotions. ” However—as its topic warrants—it’s ultimately inconclusive. In the face of society’s ever-emerging challenges, it proposes effort, community and positivity as the closest things to solutions. Ultimately, Hollingshead’s “Tomorrow!” is what you make of it.”

— A.L. Adams, Oregon Arts Watch

“…the show succeeds, thanks to its well balanced blend of dramedy and lyrical storytelling.”

— Enid Spitz, Willamette Week


interview with Oregon Arts Watch

“Balletic yet brutal, poetic yet in-your-face…This is theater at its choicest, both raw and refined, urgent and hopeful, and in a black-box setting with minimal props, the performers invite in the world as they re-create it.”

—–holly johnson, the oregonian

“The success of this show is itself a testament to the power of collaborating during tough times. Together, the WTC and Action/Adventure have made something fresh, funny, and poignant, something locally grown, something all their own. They are living the (new) Dream.”

—jessie drake, the portland mercury 

the peter pan project

The Peter Pan Project is so transparent in its spirit of exploration and curiosity—and so artful in its approach—that it locates the universality in its themes of aging, imagination, and putting away childish things. It’s charming, engaging stuff.”

—alison hallett, the Mercury

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