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By Savannah Reich 
Directed by Ashley Hollingshead

* Prop Thtr * Part of Rhino Fest * Thursdays at 9pm * January 22-February 21 *

Tickets: $15 in advance or PWYW at the door

A wonderland of restored meaning in a world gone mad!

Truth and Beauty!
You’ll laugh!
You’ll cry!
You’ll be so glad you came it will all be worth it you’ll see wow incredible oh my god!
1348, Avignon, France: a third of the population has been wiped out by the Bubonic Plague. The other two thirds is extremely freaked out. Part reality television, part psychedelic fever dream, this is a play about humans and the way we deal with real, actual tragedy: totally inadequately, and like assholes.

Gabrielle Wilson
Richard Schiraldi
Michael Lee Bridges
Gwen De Veer
Michael Nguyen
Brook Celest

I promise you that somehow, god knows how, it will help…