“I worked hard and sacrificed to get what I get                                                                           Ladies, it ain’t easy bein’ independent”

— Destiny’s Child

iw poster


INDEPENDENT WOMEN* mashes up the ideas and images of Rosie the Riveter with Beyonce; simultaneously exploring women entering the work force in WWII with what it means to be a modern independent woman today. 

During World War II women were entering the workforce in large numbers for the first time in history, often taking traditionally male jobs. What once was a temporary war effort has since transitioned into the growing trend of women as the breadwinners in today’s economy.

In the 2000s girl power-pop anthems told today’s young women that they could do anything and be anything. Using Destiny’s Child’s Independent Women pt. 1 – an anthem of financial, emotional and sexual independence – as a jumping off point, INDEPENDENT WOMEN will extend into a larger exploration of women in popular culture, through the lens of women entering the workforce, both in WWII and now. INDEPENDENT WOMEN is a theatrical mash up of original words, found text, song, and sweet dance moves.


*Nominated for two 2014 Drammy Awards: Best Ensemble and Best Devised.

Created and performed by

Kira Atwood-Youngstrom, Elizabeth Gibbs, Sarah McGregor, Rachel Rosenfeld, Zoe Rudman, and Cari Spinnler

With design by

Ashley Hollingshead (set & props), Vanessa Janson (lighting), Nikki Martin (sound), and Summer Olsson (costumes)

stage management by

Erin Giblin and Rikki Barney(ASM)

And direction by

Ashley Hollingshead


INDEPENDENT WOMEN is funded in part by grants from

the Puffin Foundation and from Puffin Foundation West

and all of our amazing Kickstarter supporters:

Andreas M. Dalsgaard

Gregory Heaton

Kat Bula

Lisa Fumiye

TJ Acena

Alexandra Ramirez

Amanda Weinberg

Amy Anderosn

Natalie Stringer

Ben Yalom

Cecilia Cackley

Daniel Dilliplane

Jeannie Cann

Kate Revz

Katie Watkins

Lillian Meredith

Lisa Gilham-Luginbill

Ryan Taylor

Aubrey Jessen

Becci Swearingen

Tara Coen

Ally Pulliam

Ara G. Beal

Benjamin G. Jones

Brenan Dwyer

Catherine Liu

Eva Suter

Jennifer Rowe

Kristeen Willis Crosser

Marta Ray

Matthew Dieckman

Noah Dunham

Noah “Dimples” Martin

Noelle Eaton

Pat Moran

Meredith Ott

Phyllis Lang

Ryan Reilly

Cristina Cano

Trina Chiasson

William Thomas Berk

Lois Beckett

Miranda Marie Drake

Amanda Soden

Beau Prichard

Gina Horowitz

Jennifer Day

Jennifer Stowell

Judy Middleton

Michael Benedict

Michelle Schmidt

Nate Harpel

Nick Fenster

Noah Wecker

Peter Austin

Wendy Rudman

Ara Roselani

Audry Bechard

Daniel Gibbs

Graham Arthur Mackenzie

John McShane

Stephen Giblin

Phillip Peterson



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