something epic/everyday

We find ourselves at an interesting crossroads: jobs have disappeared and it doesn’t seem like they’re coming back. Student loans and home foreclosures and the rising number of people on food stamps and unemployment make the news daily. What do you do when hard work just isn’t enough anymore?
How do you create your own happiness and manifest your own destiny, when everything seems so bleak?

How do you keep optimistic in these dark times?

SOMETHING EPIC/EVERYDAY explores the concept of creating your own American Dream – whatever that means.

Researched, created, and performed by Tara Coen, Noah Dunham, Noelle Eaton, and Devon Wade Granmo; with direction by Ashley Hollingshead, SOMETHING EPIC/EVERYDAY is a mash up of found text, song lyrics, and everyday life.

Don’t worry — there will be singing and dancing in our future.

stage management/light design — laura fraley

set design — nate harpel & ashley hollingshead

sound design — noah dunham & devon wade granmo

costume design — casey ballard

photo by pat moran.

what the critics said:

“Balletic yet brutal, poetic yet in-your-face…This is theater at its choicest, both raw and refined, urgent and hopeful, and in a black-box setting with minimal props, the performers invite in the world as they re-create it.”

—–holly johnson, the oregonian

“…an energetic, appealing bunch, dancing and pantomiming their way through foreclosures and layoffs…” and that “director ashley hollingshead keeps the sketches moving at a brisk, bouncy clip..”

—rebecca jacobson, the willamette week

“The success of this show is itself a testament to the power of collaborating during tough times. Together, the WTC and Action/Adventure have made something fresh, funny, and poignant, something locally grown, something all their own. They are living the (new) Dream.”

—jessie drake, the portland mercury