the peter pan project

A devised piece about growing up…or not.

All children grow up, except one.

And once upon a time we thought we were Peter Pan, too.  But things got in the way, and we were forced to leave Neverland.   We had to figure out how to turn our childhood games into a clear reality.  But it’s not all doom and gloom and trudging from your dead end job to your bed-bug infested rental unit.  There’s still magic all around, you just have to know how to look.

the peter pan project is a fantastical journey through the quagmire that is growing up.

Researched, designed, and created by performers Sean Andries, Sara Lynn Herman, Craig Lamm, Alex Leigh Ramirez, and director Ashley Hollingshead.

spring 2011
produced by the working theatre collective

The Peter Pan Project is so transparent in its spirit of exploration and curiosity—and so artful in its approach—that it locates the universality in its themes of aging, imagination, and putting away childish things. It’s charming, engaging stuff.”

—alison hallett, the portland mercury


photo by rachel bowman