ISO six female performers for an ensemble created piece about women entering the workforce in WWII. And about Destiny’s Child’s Independent Women. And about the intersection of those two things.  
This (currently) untitled piece will be directed by Ashley Hollingshead.  Ashley is a Portland based director, designer, and collaborator.  Her most recent projects have included TOMORROW! (Action/Adventure), SOMETHING EPIC/EVERYDAY (Working Theatre Collective & Action/Adventure), and The Peter Pan Project (the Working Theatre Collective).  
Some devising experience is helpful, but not necessary.  A willingness to collaborate, play around, and to try new things are what I’m looking for.  This piece will undoubtedly incorporate a variety of performance styles and techniques.  
This piece will be performed in March of 2014.  Rehearsals will begin in fall/winter of 2013.  There will be a stipend. 
A group workshop style audition will be taking place in the evening of Monday, August 5th.  
If you’re interested in auditioning (or for more information), please send me an email ( with your resume and why this project appeals to you.  

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